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PIR Motion Sensors / Energy Saving Sensors / Security Sensors

PIR Motion Sensors / Energy Saving Sensors / Security Sensors

Brief Introduction

The PIR Sensor Switch can detect the Infrared Rays released by human body. The light or any other electrical appliance can be activated automatically by the active presence of a human body within the detection range / coverage area & when there is no presence the light will be deactivated automatically.


It has been estimated that a single unit of energy saved at the end use point is equal to 2.3 units of energy produced.

If energy efficient methods are mplemented properly about 25000mw equivalent capacity of power can be created through promotion of energy efficient measures.

Energy Saving Sensors

Working Principle

  • The PIR Sensor senses the motion of a human body by the change in surrounding ambient temperature when a human body passes across.
  • Then it turns on the lighting load to which it is connected.
  • The lighting load will remain ON until it senses motion.
  • Once the motion is seized it switches OFF the lighting load.
  • During the night, the LUX adjustment knob allows you to adjust the luminosity based on which the lighting load will either switch on / off automatically.


  • Common toilets, for lights & exhaust fans
  • Common staircase / Entrance / Basements
  • Parking areas / garden lights
  • Living room, Malls, ATMS
  • Changing rooms in shops
  • Offices / Conference Room
  • Corridors & many more!


  • PIR Motion Sensors will itself recover its cost by reducing your electricity bills and will further save your electricity cost for the future.
  • Very easy installation and can be installed by in – house technician itself.
  • No separate wiring is required hence no additional installation cost.
  • No modification is required and complies with current aesthetics.
  • Pay back within ten months according to residential meter and six months according to construction meter.


  • Selectable Detection area patterns
  • Day/ Night mode also.
  • Ceiling & Wall mounting
  • Waterproof & Weatherproof
  • Selectable Sensitivity
  • Form C Relay output

Approximate saving for staircases

Approximate saving for staircases
For Residential Meter Without PIR Motion Sensor With PIR Motion Sensor
Power capacity of one tube light in watt 40 40
Operational hours of corridor tube lights 12 3
Total consumption in watts per day 480 120
Number of days in a month 30 30
Total power used by one tube light in kw 14400W = 14.4 KW 3600W = 3.6 KW
Cost of electricity per kw in Rupees 4.5 4.5
Amount paid per month @ Rs. 4.50 per unit 64.8 16.2
Savings per month per 1 tube light in Rupees. 48.6

For higher wattage Electrical Appliances the saving will be much more accordingly.