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Single Beam Sensors

Single Beam Sensors

Single Beam Sensors are recommended for Security for periphery & boundary wall protection.


A.G.C. Circuit: The A.G.C. (Automatic Gain Control) Circuit continually monitors for gradual changes in the signal’s strength caused by weather conditions and adjusts the trigger level accordingly, to maintain proper sensitivity.

Easy Installation: The pole mount brackets supplied will allow installation of two units on a pole at the same height easily.

Adjustable Beam Interruption Period: Beam interruption time can be adjusted according to the peculiarities of each installation site. When protecting a wall or fence, a long interruption time will catch intruders, but let jumping cats or small objects pass through.

Rain, Dust & Insect Protection: The rubber Ring and Rubber Grommets could prevent rain, dust and tiny insects from adversely affecting performance.

Single Photoelectric Beam Sensor


  • 30m Single Beam Sensor
  • Surface Mount
  • Supply Voltage — 10V-28VDC Non-Polarity )
  • Detection System : Infrared Photoelectric
  • Horizontal and Vertical Angle Alignment
  • 3 Step LED Indicator for beam alignment
  • CE Certificate
  • IP54 Approval
Single Photoelectric Beam Sensor