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Door Strike

Door Strike, Model NO. YS-130

Door Strike, Model NO. YS-130An electric strike is a associate access management device used for doors. This fast-breaking strike protection usually changes with the latchbar (also referred to as the keeper).

Like a fastening strike, it usually presents a hard surface to the safety latch, which allows to close the door and is slightly like a hard and fast strike. However, the surface of the surface of an electric strike, on the command, once the door is locked

Once the way is outward and therefore the door is opened, allowing a user to open the door while the mechanical Lock is not in operation or employing a mechanical key.

When the door is opened in front of the keeper, the keeper returns to his customary position and relies on the configuration of the strike and then lock it again after removing or applying the power.


  • Fail Safe: Locked when energized (YS130NC),
  • Fail Secure: Locked when unenergized (YS130NO)
  • Face plate: 150Lx39.5Wx28H (mm)
  • Standard Structure: Stainless Steel,
  • Dual Voltage: DC12V,
  • Current Draw: 130NO/450mA¡¢130NC/200mA
  • Safety function: Built-out voltage spike suppressor,
  • Opening Mode: 90 degree swinging door
  • Suitable For: Wooden Door, Metal Door, Fireproof Door,
  • Authority Certification: CE
  • Net Weight: 0.35kg
  • Performance Testing: one hundred thousand times aging test,